Fidyah (Compensation for not Fasting)

Fidyah (Compensation for not Fasting)

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Fidyah (Compensation for not Fasting)

Fidyah is for those who cannot fast for any valid reason (such as the elderly, sick or handicapped), compensation must be given by feeding a poor person (2 meals a day) for every day of fasting not observed. The young and healthy people need to make up their missed fasts, should they be sick or traveling.

There are different ways of fulfilling ones fidyah by feeding the poor. It is better for an individual to fulfill his/her Fidya directly to deserving people by giving dry ration or cooked food. If however, that is difficult for them, then they may assign the responsibility to a trustworthy individual or organization.

Proper food will be organized and arranged by This means Tohfay will be organizing fidya themselves and no third party charity organization will be used.

Note: Fidyah for one roza is equivalent to 2 meals per day. The amount can be multiplied according to the missed days of fasting (roza).

NOTE: Due to COVID 19 there are Government restrictions on mass feeding of people at locations. We are using alternate means to deliver Ramazan Ration packages to needy people directly.

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