Ration For Needy People

Ration For Needy People

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Ration For a Needy Family

At this difficult time of health crises (Covid-19). This Ramazan Send a package of ration to the needy people in Pakistan as a good will at this moment when everything is lock-down and those who earn every day and spend every day are facing so many financial issues. This package will include the ration package which will help them.

-Chaki Ata 10 KG
-1 Packet of Dal Masoor (1 Kg)
-1 Packet of Chanay ki Daal (500 gm)
-1 Packet of Dal Mung (1 Kg)
-5 KG Rice
-Cooking Oil 2 ltr
- 2.5 kg Sugar
-Chili Powder 50 gm
-Garam Masala powder 50 gm
-Salt (800gm)
-Tea 190 gm
-Milk Powder 350 gm
- Soap 5 Pcs
- others items

Note: These packages can be served to 6-8 people ,16-18 people and 24-26 people of a family for 15 days. These are 3 Package if you want to send more rations for more families in the area do select the quantity to add more.Please select persons quantity from drop down menu.

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