Kufara For Fast Breaking

Kufara For Fast Breaking

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Kaffarah for Fast Breaking

Kaffarah is the compensation that one should give if they deliberately miss or break his or her fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason. Then she/he must fast continuously for sixty days to compensate. If they cannot do so (for a valid reason), then they should feed sixty poor or needy people, or spend in charity an amount equal to feeding sixty people.

It is better for an individual to fulfill his/her Kaffarah directly to deserving people. If however, that is difficult for them, then they may assign the responsibility to a trustworthy individual or organization.

Proper food will be organized and arranged by Tohfay.com. This means Tohfay will be organizing kaffarah themselves and no third party charity organization will be used.

Note: Kaffarah for one roza is 2 times meal to sixty poor or needy people. This amount can be multiplied according to the skipped days of fasting (roza).

NOTE: Due to COVID 19 there are Government restrictions on mass feeding of people at locations. We are using alternate means to deliver Ramazan Ration packages to needy people directly

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