PEL Glass Door 6350 Red Blaze

PEL Glass Door 6350 Red Blaze

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PEL Glass Door 6350 Red Blaze

PEL contributes in your lives every day, by providing you not just appliances for a better lifestyle, but with Power products like transformers, switch gears and energy meters. We are the pioneers of electrical manufacturing in Pakistan and we are here to make a difference in your lives whether it is through taking care of your home, your lifestyle, making your day to day activities easier or by helping you save energy.

PEL Glass Door 6350 Red Blaze Refrigerator gives you faster and better cooling with its latest technology compressor.

- High speed fan feature keeps your food cool all day long. 20% Higher Speed
- A unique LUMI Fresh technology that uses light to keep your vegetables always fresh.
- This unique feature keeps your refrigerator fresh and free from unpleasant smells.
- Designed with material that keeps your food safe and protected.
- 99.9% Purest Copper Inside Condenser improves refrigeration process and its life.
- An advanced feature that makes ice instantly in just 25 minutes.

10 years Compressor & 3 year parts warranty.

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