Bakra (Goat) for Qurbani

Bakra (Goat) for Qurbani

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Leave Your qurbani on us well handle is for you

Hygienic and safe

Paypal Pakistan executes your sacrifice keeping in mind the highest hygiene and food safety standards. Our state-of-the-art facility, temperature-controlled environment, and tested processes allow us to provide you 100% safe and hygienic meat without you having to worry a bit. In this hot and humid environment, skip the Mandi blues and trust us with your Qurbani.

Shariah Compliant

We understand that Qurbani is a sacred matter. We handle your qurbani like our own. Paypal Pakistan ensures that the end-to-end qurbani process is shariah compliant. The selection of animals and sacrifice is done under proper Shariah Compliant practices and strict quality controls on meat processing are maintained throughout the process till the meat is delivered to your doorstep. No worries of finding the butcher on Eid day! Make the most out of Eid while we make sure your Qurbani is safe and fully Shariah Compliant.

Expert & Skilled staff

Our staff is highly trained and maintains all WHO guidelines of quality and hygiene during these challenging times. The meat is butchered, packed, and delivered by our professional team who are temperature checked and wear masks and gloves throughout the process.

You will be communicated your pick-up time before EID day.

Terms and Conditions

  • Qurbani order bookings will be closed 3 days prior to EID
  • Paypal Pakistan Online reserves the right to cancel any order subject to availability, confirmations and/or any other reason deemed fit by the company. In case of prepayment the customer will be fully compensated in this scenario.
  • Delivery will be made to the address specified by the customer on the completed order form only on the ground floor.
  • Customer can cancel his/her order up till 7 days before Eid. Paypal Pakistan Online does not offer return/refund policy.
  • Modes of payment are Direct Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Jazz Cash 

Paypal Pakistan/Customer Qurbani Agreement

  1. Under this agreement, Paypal Pakistan is providing three types of services:
    • Purchase of a Sacrificial Animal or its share on customer's behalf
    • Sacrifice of Sacrificial Animal in-light of the principles of Shariah
    • Meat Cutting and Delivery to Customers
  2. The Sacrificial Animal purchased for the customer will be according to the Shariah requirements and quality and hygiene standards set by Paypal Pakistan.
  3. The purchase of the sacrificial animal will be executed according to the number of bookings after the booking process is over.
  4. The determination of the sacrificial animal for the customer and possession of it by the customer will take effect immediately before the sacrificial process.
  5. Cows, goats will include both males and females
  6. Paypal Pakistan is bound to purchase the animal within the price fixed in the said agreement.
  7. The animal will be sacrificed in the light of Shariah principles.
  8. The meat is made and supplied in the light of The Paypal Pakistan hygiene principles.
  9. Animal payee (Trotters), heart, kidney, liver will not be kept separate for each individual but will be distributed equally/Jointly.
  10. Animal’s By-product Siri (head), Excess Fat, Ujhri (Stomach), Intestines, etc. will be discarded. Paypal Pakistan is bound to donate/distribute its meat to deserving if customer is not able to come and collect meat for any reason on time.
  11. The skin of the sacrificial animal will be donated.
  12. As soon as your order is booked, the customer will join this agreement with Paypal Pakistan, the sacrificial meat of each person will be kept separate lying for it and provided according to the details mentioned in the receipt, it is the responsibility of the customer to protect the receipt issued at the time of booking and the supply of sacrificial meat will be on the same receipt.
  13. This service is available for lahore karachi islambad/rawalpindi and multan only

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